About us

So what is Cradle to Grave Lacrosse all about?

I wish I had a really cool story to tell you about how I started this business with $10 and a dream in my garage, but I don’t.  I created Cradle to Grave Lacrosse on the field.  Each day I would play lacrosse with guys that truly loved the sport.  We spent everyday playing and every night dreaming about the game we loved.  My friends would tell me that lacrosse was my life, but when I thought about it lacrosse was more than my life, it was a lifestyle.

For me sports is a passion.  Whether it is lacrosse, football, soccer or any other sport, they define us and challenge us to be our best.  

So what is Cradle to Grave Lacrosse about?  It is about showing our passion for the sports we love and the lifestyles we live!

Thanks for checking us out!

Gus M.

Owner & Chief Creative Officer